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Child in a pink tutu

Jonas' identity

Social & Emotional
Social Inclusion & Action
The following four stories focus on Jonas who is four years old, identifies as a boy, and attends his local playcentre.

Jonas lives with his mum, Raquel, and māmā, Irene. His family strongly value inclusion and diversity and are proud of their rainbow identity. Jonas has chosen to grow his hair long and when his family go out, he is encouraged to choose clothes that he likes, regardless of colour or style. This means Jonas sometimes wears skirts or dresses to playcentre. 

This series of stories show Jonas’ playcentre journey exploring his gender identity and the differences that occur for him once kaiako engage with the Social Inclusion and Action area of Kōwhiti Whakapae Social and Emotional content during an internal evaluation. Learning stories are written by Jonas’ mum, the centre facilitator, and other parents. All adults at playcentre are considered kaiako. As you read the stories, the highlighted comments will provide more information about the connections between learning story content, 'Te Whāriki' and Kōwhiti Whakapae.

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