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Mele’s kai time

Social & Emotional
Agency & Adaptability
The following three learning stories are about Mele, who is ten months old and attends home-based childcare.

Mele’s educator cares for three other children Manaaki (18 months old), Josie (three years old), and Ihaia (four years old). Mele is Tongan and was born in Aotearoa. She lives with her grandmother and her parents. The three stories focus on Mele’s kai routines and how she is learning about agency and adaptability as her routines change over time. The first two stories are written by her educator, Mandy, and the third is written by her visiting teacher, Sarah.

As you read the stories, you can find more information about how the service engaged with the Agency and Adaptability area of Kōwhiti Whakapae Social and Emotional content to support their practice and strengthen Mele’s learning in relation to the Mana atua | Wellbeing and Mana whenua | Belonging strands of 'Te Whāriki'. 

This selection of learning stories begins after the visiting teachers ran a series of workshops for educators about Kōwhiti Whakapae. Having reviewed the information, particularly in relation to the importance placed on identity, language and culture, Mandy and Sarah decided that a new process was needed to gather information from whānau. As part of this process, Sarah and Mandy talked with Mele’s whānau to learn more about them, their culture and how Mele’s transition to home-based childcare could be supported.

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